Isalo National Park is located 4 hours north along the RN7 and is a quite remarkable national park, with spectacular sandstone rock formations, rare endemic plants and diverse landscapes, making it an extremely popular choice for visitors.

The park is a superb option for hikers and walkers, although due to the terrain and hot weather (rain is virtually unknown from June-September), walks should not be taken lightly. The trails are often rewarded with a cool dip or shower in various deep pools or waterfalls. Short walks of around an hour or multi day treks are all possible.

Isalo is also a sacred area for the local Bara tribe and the caves there have been often used as burial sites. Although mainly known for hiking, Isalo also has some wonderful wildlife with sifakas, brown lemurs and ringtails all present. There are also over 80 bird species and a large number of reptiles and frogs. The Maison de I'Isalo is a museum well worth a visit to learn more about the local people and wildlife, as is an early evening visit to Le Fenetre, a natural rock formation which beautifully frames the setting sun.



Isalo Rock Lodge

Isalo Rock Lodge is a relatively new and modern accommodation option in Isalo National Park. The lodge is positioned high in the sandstone rock formations overlooking the park and offers...

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