Anjajavy is home to a fantastic forest reserve and the superb Anjajavy hotel. This reserve is a tropical, dry deciduous forest that has similar wildlife to Ankaranfantsika.

The wildlife viewing here is effortless and visitors should come across a variety of lemurs including sifaka, common brown lemurs, mouse lemurs and sportive lemurs. There is also a variety of birdlife, snakes and chameleons – including the largest, the two-and-a-half-foot long Oustalets.

Anjajavy also has many baobab and cycad trees, caves and tsingy to explore on trails that can last from 2 hours to all-day walks. All of this, combined with the beautiful beaches and coral reefs, make for a fantastic area to spend anything from a few days to several weeks.



Anjajavy Hotel

Just an hour's flight from the capital on the north-west coast, Anjajavy combines beautiful empty beaches with a wildlife-rich, dry deciduous forest and fantastic scenery. It has lots of...

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