Zomba & Mulanje


South Malawi is a region of physical contrasts. Much of the area is dominated by the River Shire which snakes its way southwards from the Lake. The river falls some 1300ft (400m) from its exit from the Lake to the point in the south where it crosses into Mozambique. On its journey southwards, the Shire crashes over falls and rapids but has its more leisurely stretches though broad plains. This is also the region of central Africa's highest peak, Mount Mulanje, which rises to nearly 10,000ft (3,000m). Impressively, Mulanje is only seventy miles from Malawi's lowest point, just over 100ft (30m). Not far from Mulanje is the region's other great massif, the Zomba Plateau. This table-like mountain is over 6,000ft (1,800m) above sea level with sheer scarp-like edges.



Ku Chawe

Situtated high above Zomba, the historic old colonial capital of Malawi, Sunbird Ku Chawe sits on the rim of Zomba plateau and shares its views over Africa with a unique high tropical microclimate and a huge biodiversity of birds and animals...

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