Conservancy Safaris

Conservancy Safaris

Conservancy Safaris run outstanding trips to Kunene. The company is 100% owned by the local Himba and Herero communities, meaning every guest makes directly aids conservation and the local communities. The five conservancies are Puros, Orupembe, Sanitatas, Okonjombo and Marienfluss. This makes up an area of 13,500 sq km and a population of only 1800, located in north-west Namibia.

Conservancy Safaris offers the best of both worlds – a top class safari into a remote, spectacular part of north-west Namibia where you will be welcomed as guests, not merely tourists, by the community owners of the company. The experience is authentic, intimate and exclusive. The skilled back-up team ensures there are no compromises on eco-safari standards, safety or luxury.

All equipment is of the best possible quality and is well maintained. When camping, heavy duty canvas domed tents (3m x 3m x 1.8) are used. Bedrolls comprise a camping mattress, duvet and linen all neatly rolled into a dustproof canvas zip bag. Towels are provided (one bath towel and one hand towel) as well as selected toiletries. There are hot water showers and flush toilets in all the campsites, so it is only when bush camping that bucket showers and long-drop loos are used.

Conservancy Safaris' experienced guides, working with conservancy staff, lead all activities. A back-up crew accompanies all trips and will erect/break down the camp, prepare meals and generally look after guests' well-being.

All meals are wholesome bush cuisine including a hot dinner, light lunch and a healthy breakfast. At night, beer, wine, and a selection of spirits and sundowners are on offer, whilst non-alcoholic drinks and water are available throughout the day.

  • Mobile safaris
  • Maximum of 9 guests at any time
  • Himba and Herero owned
  • Top quality camping equipment
  • Full back-up team
  • Ideal for small groups

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