Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge

Fish River Lodge is the only lodge situated directly on the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. From sunrise to sunset, visitors enjoy breath-taking views of this geological wonder. 

To experience the beauty and serenity first hand, lace up your hiking boots, grab your binoculars  and join us on a private  journey along and down into the canyon.

The twenty chalets are perched on the brink of the canyon, far enough from each other to ensure peaceful exclusivity for all guests. Dry packed stone walls help merge the chalets with the rustic landscape and large windows offer panoramic views of the landscape.

The 45,000-hectare Canyon Nature Park is a sanctuary for Karoo succulent flora and endemic wildlife. Hiking and cycling trails through the canyon lead to permanent water holes and rock pools that attract a wide variety of endemic wildlife.

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the various guided expeditions offered from April to September. Delicious meals and refreshments await hikers at their destination camp every evening.

The six double and fourteen twin rooms each have a large walk-in pebble stone  shower  as well as a secluded  outside  shower. Private decks are perfect for enjoying the view or practicing yoga and meditation.  The all-round rooftop  windows offer you a starry  view of the night sky while you drift away to sleep. Double rooms can be converted into family rooms offering extra room for two children.

The rim pool with its spacious deck is ideal for relaxing and outdoor dining. During winter and cold snaps, crackling fires warm the interiors. Lunches are served on the deck while breakfast and candlelight dinners are served in the dining area.

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