Ubuntu Camp

Ubuntu Camp

Ubuntu Camp travels with the natural flow of the wildebeest through the Serengeti eco system. Between December and March, the camp is situated on the open southern plains when the annual migration starts the journey north.

From June to November, the camp is positioned in a new campsite to intercept the same animals as they arrive in the north. The guides explore each area in depth, based on their expert knowledge of the herds, the animal movements and guests' requirements.

Ubuntu Camp is a seasonal camp of just 6 tents. Each tent has a private verandah and an en suite bathroom including a flushing toilet, hand basin and traditional bucket shower. The central area consists of a dining room, comfortable lounge area with games and books, public toilet and a fire circle area for guests to enjoy a drink post or pre dinner.

The camp is designed to reach key areas of wildlife activity when a camp is most needed. The camp is light-weight enough to move seasonally while offering every comfort possible. Hospitality, great food and a wonderful relaxed environment is the essence of Ubuntu Camp.

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