Nkwali Camp

Nkwali Camp

Nkwali is located on Robin Pope's private land, overlooking the National Park. The area surrounding Nkwali is superb game viewing country, with a beautiful area of ebony woodland and open grasslands. There are driving loops in this area and guests often see as much behind camp as in the park - including leopard, lion and occasionally wild dog. This area is particularly good for elephants and Thornicroft giraffe (an endemic species) Elephants also regularly cross the Luangwa, seen from the bar, or come to the waterhole near the thatched dining room.

The chalets are large, cool and spacious, with a great view of the river. The front of the room is open during the day and then closed by grill doors at night. Each en suite bathroom has double sinks and showers, which are open to the skies during the dry season. The bar area, right on the edge of the Luangwa banks, is built around a huge ebony tree with fantastic views of the river and across to the park. The open deck is ideal for moonlit dinners. The dining room is a simple thatched structure, by the lagoon but meals are rarely eaten there - they are served under the trees by the lagoon or the river, on the deck, or in the bush.

Although the camp is outside the national park visitors access the park by either boat (2 minutes) or the nearby pontoon (10 minutes). The central area of the park is accessible all year and so the game is very relaxed and used to vehicles. This gives great photographic opportunities as the game allows the vehicles to get close. As with most Robin Pope properties, Nkwali Camp offers day and night game drives and guided walking safaris.

  • Day and night game drives
  • Guided walking safaris
  • Expert guiding
  • Seasonal boating
  • Excellent game viewing

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