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Nhoma Safari Camp

Nhoma Safari Camp

Nhoma Safari Camp is a small activity orientated, tented camp, situated in the north eastern corner of Namibia, 80km from Tsumkwe within the traditional area of the Ju/'hoan San or Bushmen (as they are commonly known in Namibia). The camp is centred around the San community who live here.

Accommodation is in ten safari tents raised on wooden decks with views over the Nhoma omuramba (fossil river bed). The tents are well spaced and shaded by Zambesi Teak trees. Three tents have double beds with corner baths - the bathroom is in a partitioned area of the tent. Two tents have a double and a single bed with corner bath. One tent has a double and a single bed and shower, and the four remaining tents have twin beds with showers. Here the bathrooms are grass-enclosed and connected to the bedroom by a door.

Activities offered at the camp range from hunting with the Bushmen hunters, veld food collection, the making of hunting equipment and traditional games and healing dances. When conditions are suitable, a short night drive is undertaken to view springhare and look for other nocturnal animals.

On a bush walk/hunt, guests accompany three or four Ju/'hoan hunters, collecting and eating bush foods while they hunt. If fresh tracks are found, the walk will turn into a hunt. The hunt is usually unsuccessful although always interesting. If any animal is killed, all parts of it are utilised - the Ju/'hoansi hardly ever have any meat to eat. The finding of a bee's nest is just as important as hunting an animal. The medicinal use of plants is also pointed out along the way. The walk does not follow a fixed route and the intensity/duration of the hunt can be adapted. The making of fire by various methods and other survival techniques, such as making rope and setting traps, are demonstrated during the course of the day.

  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Converted castle building
  • Spectacular views of the city
  • Easy drive or transfer to/from Windhoek International

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