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Tembe Elephant Camp

Tembe Elephant Camp

The legendary Ivory Route where the great tuskers still tramp their ancient pathways through dense sand-forest and tall yellow grass. This is Tembe Elephant Park, a 300 square kilometer reserve between Zululand and Mozambique, home to Africa’s largest elephants as well as the smallest antelope, the suni.

The Big Five also find their home here – lion, leopard, black and white rhino and buffalo, as well as more than 340 bird species and myriad other animals and plants. It is a world of hot silence and white sand, where the busy modern world ceases to exist and only the rising and setting of the sun marks the passage of time.

Your accommodation is in canvas tents so as not to block out the sounds of the bush; an outdoor shower under the stars or in the early morning sunlight is a wonderful way to feel as if you are standing under a (warm) waterfall in the middle of the wilderness.


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