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Mahogany Springs

Mahogany Springs

At Mahogany Springs it is the little touches that make the big difference, from the tiny details in the design of the lodge through to the unrivalled service levels provided by the highly trained management team.
Mahogany Springs is the perfect base from which to begin your Gorilla Tracking or Bird watching adventures. The Gorillas have been known to the visit the lodge and coming face to face with one of these peaceful creatures is an indescribable experience.
With more bird species per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world, Bwindi is often described as a bird watchers paradise. The fact that Mahogany Springs is set back on an open piece of land by the river, ensures that a variety of rare species visit Mahogany of a daily basis.

All the 8 rooms at Mahogany Springs are suites.  The Superior Suites can be Twin, Double or Triple. These suites are spacious with large double doors and beautiful windows. Each Suite has its own private, exquisitely designed terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding area. There are power points in the rooms as well as a dressing table/desk. All suites have large en-suite bathrooms with a gorgeously designed open terracotta shower.

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