Kibale Primate Lodge

Kibale Primate Lodge

Kibale Forest National Park plays host to a wide array of tropical plants and trees, making it home to the highest concentration and variety of primates in Africa.

Primate sightings are therefore plentiful, whether chimpanzees in the park itself - with the gate and visitor briefing centre just 400m from the lodge - or on the easy-going Marsh Walk, where 5-6 different monkey species, such as colobus, red-tailed monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys are regularly seen on a single visit.

Primate Lodge has eight safari tents raised on wooden platforms, with a private veranda overlooking the forest. Tastefully decorated in African style, they have comfortable twin beds and en suite bathrooms. There are also six Forest Cottages also with private veranda and en-suite bathrooms. Adventurous travellers are also welcome to spend an night high up in the tree canopy in the unique Sky Tree House.

The main focus here is on primate viewing. With the entrance to the National Park so close at hand, the potential to get up close and personal with chimpanzees is a fantastic opportunity. The Marsh Walk (located just outside the National Park) should not be missed as it offers the opportunity to see 5-6 daiurnal primate species on a single visit.

The area is also fantastic for birding with over 325 species recorded so far.

  • Small forest lodge
  • Chimpanzee tracking on foot
  • Unique Sky Tree House
  • Bigodi swamp walk
  • Crater lakes exploration
  • Fantastic birding

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