Semuliki Valley


Deep in the heart of Uganda's Western Rift Valley, the Semuliki Valley is a prime conservation area. Boasting both a National Park and a Game Reserve, much of the valley is untouched. The Semliki Forest forms the easternmost reaches of the Central African Rainforest and is home to many bird species, including at least 30 rare endemics.

Nearby, the Toro-Semuliki Game Reserve is where tropical rainforest meets grassy savannah, wetlands give over to Lake Albert, and the flat plains are punctuated by deep river valleys.

This unique geography is reflected in the diversity of wildlife found in the reserve. Here visitors can see the forest species of Central Africa (such as forest buffalo, a darker leopard sub-species and the smaller forest elephant) as well as the key savanna species of East Africa: lion, elephant, numerous antelope species, warthog, buffalo, and more. Several communities of chimpanzees also live in the river valleys of the reserve.



Semliki Safari Lodge

Guests at Semliki Safari Lodge have the whole valley to themselves as this award winning lodge is the only lodge in the entire Semliki Valley...


Semuliki Lodge

Semliki is secluded and intimate. With a maximum of 18 guests we promise excellent service and attention to detail…and an unforgettable experience. 

Our guests stay in golde...

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