Saruni Samburu Lodge

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Perched on the top of the Kalama mountains, Saruni Samburu is built on the pristine land owned by the Kalama Wildlife Conservancy in the 240,000 acre Gir Gir Group Ranch. The lodge offers a first-class safari experience in a totally un-spoilt environment, far from the beaten tracks but very close to the wildlife.

There are four houses (two of them are large family villas with two separate bedrooms and two en suite bathrooms), a large swimming pool with dramatic views over Samburuland, a waterhole that attracts elephant, reticulated giraffe, zebra, oryx and all the species that make Kalama so special.

Game drives take place inside Samburu National Reserve and Buffalo Springs National Reserve, but many activities also take place in Kalama, a well-kept secret of Kenya's North. The recent introduction of water means that Kalama is becoming an important attraction to all the Samburu wildlife. Activities include night and morning game drives in the Kalama Conservancy, visits to the caves and Samburu rock art, professionally-led game walks, bush dinners and star gazing. The traditions and semi-nomadic heritage of the local Samburu people are an important part of the experience. Led by professional Samburu guides, guests enjoy a new dimension of this rightfully popular region: the feeling of exclusivity, of having an incredibly large area totally to yourself, and a high level of comfort.

  • Small luxury lodge
  • Day and night game drives
  • Guided game walks
  • Excellent birding
  • Rock art caves

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